Digital Sandpit

What is the Digital Sandpit?

The Digital Sandpit is an innovative technology program designed to allow kids to explore and develop various skills.


★ student engagement

★ lateral thinking

★ problem solving skills

★ creativity

★ curiosity

★ personal and interpersonal skills

★ confidence

★ student attendance

★ math skills

★ literacy skills


Students will explore many tried and proven brain training games, problem solving activities and strategy based tasks. The Xbox Kinect and Wii games will engage students through movement, interaction, team work and will motivate students to be active learners!

How can the Digital Sandpit benefit my school and students?

Recent research into school attendance rates has provided startling information…
Students who miss 11-20+ days of school a year will ultimately miss the equivalent of over 2 years of their education by the time they finish secondary school.

When at home students often have a wider range of technology available to them than they get to use at some schools. We have been using technology to motivate students in their learning and allow them to develop concepts and skills through the use of ICT devices.

We set out to provide our students with an effective education that is suited to our modern times and that we also value the technology that our students embrace outside of school.

The Digital Sandpit has been running in the senior area of Meredith Primary School since 2010. Since its inception there has been an improvement in the schools absence rate and a decrease in student late arrivals.

What does the Digital Sandpit look like?

The program runs from 8:30-9:15 and students will be involved in a series of technology-based activities across the week/term.

Students will rotate through activities on the iPods, iPads, Nintendo DSi, Computers, PlayStation, Wii and Xbox 360. They will partake in activities that will help them to grow important developmental skills.